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EE2007.5 DxDesigner's Packager and icdbPartsLister will not read the Cell Name property

Question asked by strangd on Jun 5, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by vivian

Hi Guys:


I am building an EE2007.5 DxDesigner/Expedition ECAD system using the icdb interface. In earlier versions of DxD I used the symbol attribute PKG_TYPE to point to the footprint cell. With icdb there seems to be no use for PKG_TYPE so I want to use the Cell Name property attached to the DxD symbols in order to pass the footprint cell to a Bill of Material using the icdbPartsLister.exe software. Packager will not populate the Cell Name property in DxD. icdbPartsLister.exe will not read the Cell Name property in the common database. (So much for the icdb common database?) The correct footprint cell does get passed to Expedition for layout. This is a Packager and icdbPartsLister problem(s).


If I have to use the PKG_TYPE attribute, I must build a resistor symbol for each resistor footprint cell that may be use in a design. (Each part in our library points to only one manufacturer's part number or a specification control drawing. This reduces BOM and PCB footprint errors.) The libraries are built differently for PKG_TYPE vs. Cell Name.


Has anyone got a fix for this?




PS: The argument ordering in the help files for icdbPartsLister.exe and icdbPartsListerGUI.exe is not correct. Use icdbPartsLister.exe -d -i -b -o