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    Questions and Answers from June 2 Webinar "PADS 9.0 Flow Overview"


      Dear all -


      This thread will serve as a question and answer forum from the June 2 "PADS 9.0 Flow Overview".Please use this thread to start discussions or seek further interactions on topics of interest to you.


      For those of you who did not get to view this webinar - please go www.mentor.com/pads there you will be able to view the following on-demand content:


      • PADS 9.0 Flow Overview Webinar (an overview of the flow and the components that make up PADS 9.0)
      • What's New in PADS 9.0 Webinar (a deeper look at what is new in this release)
      • On-demand demonstrations
      • PADS customers speak out about PADS


      Let's use this community to interact with each other - our goal is to create a truly global interactive platform for all things PADS.


      Let us also know if you have suggestions for improvement.





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