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    PADS Router slow on new computer


      I had a question from a customer who has tried 2 different new computers.

      He says the PADS Router is MUCH slower on the new computers compared to his old machine which is 3 years old.

      He gets an hour glass all the time, almost unable to do serious work at all.

      Anyone who has seen the same thing? Any hints on why this is?  He has tried to change the CPU, RAM and graphics card, but its still very slow.

      All machines have Windows XP.

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          Our engineering team has not heard of this issue.  I suggest you file an SR on SupportNet and let CSD investigate.



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            Hi Niklas,


            is the hourglass all the time? Or only at programm startup or at a calculated action?

            Is the problem both in licenced and demo mode?

            Do you open your pcb-file on a network drive?


            Perhaps he´s searching for inexistent licence-servers on startup (check MGLS_LICENSE_FILE system variable).

            If working on network, try to open your file local.



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              Hi andy.

              The customers says its a brand new computer. Only PADS is installed. The files are stored locally. The hour glass is there whenever he tries to do something in Router.

              I will ask him to remove the license file and try it in demo mode. Unfortunatley its vacation time and the customer is not in the office right now.



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                Perhaps the licence-server is in vacation time too. ;-)


                Another reason I just remind, I think some Antivirus- and software firewalls can cause this problem.

                Our IT-department installed some time ago "McAfee Agent" to our workstations.

                Some people had problems (hourglass) with network licensing software, and USB-Dongle

                was sometimes completely blocked  till you install driver again.



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                  Hi Andy,


                  As "the customer" I can tell you that it has nothing to do with any of the questions you have asked.

                  As a last resort to exclude error sources I asked our IT department to install just XP, nothing else on a brand new computer. I Istalled from a USB dongle pads and copied licensfile and work file to local HDD. NOTHING ELSE. Everything default both with Pads and XP.


                  Still the same issue. Interactive routing is terrible slow and it maxes out CPU all the time. Any trace you pick up to trace, lights up the hour glass and you have to wait a second or two for the command to be processed.


                  Regards Peter (not on vacation any more)