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PADS Physical Design Reuse + Hierarchial Design or FUBS: Link Between DXDESIGNER and PADS Layout

Question asked by v.giampa on Jun 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2009 by v.giampa

Dear Collegue,

I am a new Mentor Graphics user and I work from two months with Mentor Graphics Pads 2007.

In this contest I would like to realize my first PCB with this suite.

The Circuit is more complex and for this reason I have developed it with the hierarchical Top-Down solution with FUBS into DXDesigner.

There is in the Top View Schematic Page 4 FUBS for the single 4 subcircuit.

I have developed for every FUB the relative schematic and PCB Netlist.

The single netlist of every FUB have been imported into PADS Layout and than I have generated the Physical Design Reuse module.

In this momento I don't know the process to link the single FUB at the relative Physical Design reuse module and the relative ATTRIBUTE that I must set into DX DESIGNER.

Can you help me?