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Panelization in-house or at pcb supplier?

Question asked by pascal_pardo on Jun 22, 2009
Latest reply on May 31, 2012 by sabitha.jamal



Currently we are investigating a possible switch-over from BoardStation to Expedition Enterprise. One the items, for us (at this moment) a blocking issue, is panelization. In our products (Consumer Electronics) the board and panel are pretty much related to eachother.

Right now we have a customized way of working to import board and panel data (via IDF) from Pro-Engineer into BoardStation.


In "off-the-shelf" Expedition it seems to be impossible to import Panel data.


My questions are:


     Is it still common-practise to have panelization in-house or is it in most cases done by the pcb supplier?


     How is panelization communicated towards the pcb supplier? (Stackup, Reference system, Breaking slots, FR2/FR4/..., Tolerances,...)


     What about the cost uplift leaving panelization up to the pcb supplier?


     Is there automation available to make panel import possible?


     Is there a way of working or automation available to map panel constraints to board level?


Thanks for the feedback,