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Source Names That Appear On More Than One Object

Question asked by suresh.pachha on Jun 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2009 by karthikm

i am getting following error in LVS report


  5    ** missing net **                                        VDD


  6    ** missing net **                                        VSS

                                  INCORRECT PORTS

DISC#  LAYOUT NAME                                              SOURCE NAME

  7    ** missing port **                                        VDD on net: VDD
  8    ** missing port **                                        VSS on net: VSS


and it is showing in detailed report LVS REPORT OPTION


  --- Devices on source net VSS ---

      (cell ports)                                              (cell ports)
        VDD_PLL: VDD_PLL                                          VDD_PLL: VDD_PLL
        VDDA_PLL: VDDA_PLL                                        VDDA_PLL: VDDA_PLL
        VDD: VDD                                                  VDD: VDD
        VDD_MDDI: VDD_MDDI                                        VDD_MDDI: VDD_MDDI
        VDDA_MDDI: VDDA_MDDI                                      VDDA_MDDI: VDDA_MDDI
        VCCQ: VCCQ                                                VCCQ: VCCQ
        vddz: VDDZ                                                vddz: VDDZ
        vddana: VDDANA                                            vddana: VDDANA
        VSS: VSS                                                  VSS: VSS
        VSSA_MDDI: VSSA_MDDI                                      VSSA_MDDI: VSSA_MDDI
        VSS_PLL: VSS_PLL                                          VSS_PLL: VSS_PLL
        VSSA_PLL: VSSA_PLL                                        VSSA_PLL: VSSA_PLL
        VSS_MDDI: VSS_MDDI                                        VSS_MDDI: VSS_MDDI
        vccio_2_: vccio_2_                                        vccio_2_: VCCIO_2_
        gpio_57: gpio_57                                          gpio_57: gpio_57
        vpp6: vpp6                                                vpp6: vpp6
        mddi_d0_n: mddi_d0_n                                      mddi_d0_n: mddi_d0_n




        adq0_2_8m_ad7_2_16m: adq0_2_8m_ad7_2_16m                  adq0_2_8m_ad7_2_16m: adq0_2_8m_ad7_2_16m
        adq1_2_8m_ad6_2_16m: adq1_2_8m_ad6_2_16m                  adq1_2_8m_ad6_2_16m: adq1_2_8m_ad6_2_16m
        adq1_1_8m_ad6_1_16m: adq1_1_8m_ad6_1_16m                  adq1_1_8m_ad6_1_16m: adq1_1_8m_ad6_1_16m
        ** missing net **                                                      VDD: VDD
        ** missing net **                                                      VSS: VSS



also showimg


Source Names That Appear On More Than One Object:

   Ports:        VDD VSS
   Nets:         VDD VSS


can any one please explain why the tool showing 2 VDD & 2 VSS in source net list