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    DRC error in ICstation


      Hi there,


      i tried to use Inline DRC with ICstation,i faced an error when using the Check Area button it is not working at all, even in different designs. i got the following error after selecting the area




      Warning: Reading cell template "$MGC_HOME/tmp/hgds20932_0" from outside project space

      Warning: "$MGC_HOME/tmp/hgds20932_0" is not in a library

      Warning: Soft prefix for $MGC_HOME/tmp/hgds20932_0 not found in location map

      Note: Calibre failed to check cell opamp.Layout1.  Check log file for possible errors.





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          Hi Rana,


          I'm not very familiar with running DRC from ICstation but I've been looking around for bits of information that might help.


          Does everything work fine when you check the whole cell, without limiting the check to a certain area?


          What version is this happening with?


          I wonder if this problem may need to become an SR for Mentor customer support.


          Maybe someone else has seen this and can jump in?


          Best regards,