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    Locked out of project


      I saved and exited the project as normal, without error messages. However when I came to re-open the design today, it comes up with a message

      Harness design locked Lock on harness design 'Harness' held by user 'system' This is a standalone computer install with only me as user 'system'.


      I have two questions from this.


      1) How do I unlock it? I have exported the project, but when cannot import it because there is a project with the same ID in the database.

      2) If I want to use one project as a template for a similar project, there is no "save as" or "export to" function. Is this possible? Can I change the ID inthe xml file, or is this coded?

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          I apologize because I don't have VeSys infront of me, but the process is quite simple if a lock has been left on a design.


          Go to the Tools menu a select (and this is where I miss having the tool in front of me!) "Users" or "User Management". I dialog will appear which includes the option to remove locks (you may need to select your username first).



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            For your question #2, when you select Export for a project a Save dialog appears. On this dialog select the checkbox 'As Copy'.


            When you subsequently import this XML, you will be prompted for a new name for the project.

            There is no need to edit the XML