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pads layout : via to ground not showing when hit control + left mouse button click

Question asked by kevyjones on Jul 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2009 by kevyjones

Hi. I'm using pads 2007 at school in uc berkeley. we have several licenses for pads and have installed pads 2007.


I've been testing the software and have a problem when placing vias to ground in pads layout. When I route a trace and hit control + left mouse button click the trace completes as it should, but no via is shown.


When I then select the trace and right click so the options menu displays then I can choose add via. Once I click 'add via' only then does the via display.


I know this is a problem because I didn't have this error when I was using pads 2005. When I used control + left mouse button click then the vias was displayed instantaneously.


A colleague of mine suggested just using pads 2009 and linking the software to the license server. The problem with this is that the software will need to be changed on all the computers.


I was hoping that there is some quick fix. Maybe a patch?


Thanks. Kevin.