Automatic check for Backannotation. Expedition / DC workflow

Discussion created by chris.smith on Jul 23, 2009
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For the transition between WG2005 and EE2007.3; automatic backannotation was removed due to some form of Dx requirement or decision?.


This is a serious issue with DC/Expedition users because it will NOT warn you if there is a pending backannotation before exiting a

design and the "status lights in the corner do not indicate a pending back-anno" You have to rely on users remembering to open PCB Intergration

and checking the status manually. Of course this is prone to human errors and I personally have seen corrupt jobs because of this

at our company and other users.You can reproduce this by renumbering the design and exiting (no warning & no status light).


I hope mentor will recognize the issues they are creating by this removal of this fundamental process.



Anyhow, pleading and wishing aside...... Add your complaint to "SR 2239238751".


We were forced to write our own automation to watch for the exit and then check the status and allow users to back annotate or not.


Attached is the code that we are using: You will need to tweak relative paths for


"Const strFile = "\\immortal\apps\nitools\statmon\stats.csv""

and "\\immortal\apps\NITools\StatMon"


Use and tweak at your own risk, blah blah


Essentially this will check if the job needs to be backannotated before you exit> Allows you to review the "backanno preview" report
and back annotates or not w/user logging to a metric csv file