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Clarification in SVRF script !!!

Question asked by chin on Aug 4, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2009 by chris_balcom

Hi All

       While scripting in the SVRF I ran in to the problem. Since i am new I could not solve. Please suggest your comment.


In the following codes I need to run the "rule 1" in Database and with the results of "rule 1" I need to run "rule 2"

//Rule 1

    @ This Li1 shape has 2 mcon ends
    mcon_END = size mcon by 0.095 inside of Li1 step 0.01
    Li1_MIDDLE = Li1 not mcon_END
    Li1_MIDDLE interact mcon_END > 1

//Rule 2

Li1_length = LENGTH Li1 > 10


"r_Li1_critial_net" {
    @ Li1 with 0.17 spacing running for more than 10um
    COPY Li1_length


As of now "Rule 2" is running in the complete database. what modification needs' to be made to acheive my need ?


Thanks for your suggetions