Bring Back the Monthly PCB Conference Calls :)

Discussion created by chris.smith on Aug 10, 2009
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by robert_davies

We hated to see the abrupt ending of the monthly confernce calls for Expedition PCB and the Library Manager. Not only was it a good chance to hear about future aspects of the tools and to directly speak to Mentor AE's it was a good  avenue to hear the common challenges and/or warnings from other customers about current releases. I understand the concept of the Idea and communities, but it will only be good as the input supplied and so far it is less productive for us.  I vote for the calls to be reinstated or minimally on skype or anything if this was a bugetary decision. It's important for mentor to understand the "heartbeat" of the customers needs and we dont believe the choice was correct.




Chris Smith

Application Support Analyst

National Instruments