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Navigator ungainly for large projects

Question asked by lsimons on Aug 13, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2009 by lsimons

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem before, but it's something that's really getting under my skin and was wondering if there's a solution to this.


I typically work on projects on D size paper, which means a lot of symbols and nets per sheet.  As I click on symbols in the schematic, the tree automatically opens all the way down to the symbol in the navigator which is located at Project->Designs->Design->Schematic->Sheet->Symbols->$xIxx.  On the project I am currently working on, there are around 50 symbols per sheet, which means my navigator is now completely useless for navigating as the sheet objects are mostly outside the visible list (my display resolution is 1280x1024x2monitors).  This might be useful if the symbols automatically picked up useful names, but $xIxx adds no useful information for me.


To move to another sheet, I must now colapse the sheet and then choose a new sheet.  Most of the time, to collapse the sheet, I have to scroll up (either via slow mouse wheel, or tedious click and drag).  If the navigator is going to be the only useful tool for navigating schematics, is there a setting so that the automatic symbol/net expansions doesn't occur by default?  Or maybe by double-clicking a symbol/net?  I am doing my best to learn the DxD way of doing things, but it seems like I am missing something when it comes to working efficiently on large projects.


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