Welcome to the Calibre Viewers community

Discussion created by joseph_davis on Aug 13, 2009

Greetings to the Calibre user community.


My name is Joe Davis, and I am the product marketing manager for Calibre interface products. I would like to introduce you to the new Community for Calibre viewers, which is intended to cover all aspects of the DESIGNrev, MDPview, LITHOview, and WORKbench products. These products provide fast viewing of GDSII, OASIS, Milkyway, and OpenAccess databases, as well as a powerful TCL API for manipulating these designs. The viewer family is structured to provide a common interface across a tiered set of product needs. For many people who work in the post-TO flow, the viewers are really the 'face of Calibre'.


DESIGNrev is the foundation viewer product and provides the basis for the other 3 tools. It enables fast viewing of layout files, 'lite' editing, customizable layer properties, integration with Calibre applications, overlay, and a powerful data manipulation API in TCL. Included in the scripting API are a set of disk-based tools for querying information from the layout files and for merging without loading the entire file into memory. DESIGNrev is used by designers doing physical verification, chip assembly, and error review throughout the design process -- from cell design through fracture. DESIGNrev can handle arbitrarily large GDSII files and handles OASIS files natively.


MDPview includes all DESIGNrev functionality and adds the ability to view MEBES and other fracture formats. It also adds the ability to create, view, and manipulate jobdecks. LITHOview adds lithography simulation to the MDPview package.


WORKbench is the flagship viewing product and is the cockpit for all Calibre modeling functionality. There are workbenches for optical, etch, and cmp modeling, as well as all of the tools necessary for developing the entire post-TO flow, including pre-OPC biasing, OPC, and fracture.


We hope that this community provides a rich forum for users to learn from each other. TME's from the factory will be contributing to this forum regularly, but support questions will be refered to SupportNet or customer support.


Thanks and regards,