What is the Funnel icon in DRC RVE and what does it do?

Discussion created by srinivas_velivala on Aug 13, 2009


The Funnel icon is used to activate the Filtering display in new RVE. In the nanometer design range the DRC rule decks are highly complex and tend to generate a lot of DRC violations.While fixing the errors the designer would like to focus on some important results first and then get to the other results For example: there might be a lot of waived results in the database which the user is not interested in looking at or the user is interested in only looking at the metal1 spacing errors which barely satisfy the metal1 spacing rule check. The filtering mechanism in Calibre RVE gives great flexibility to the user by enabling him/her to only focus on results of his/her choice and eliminate the other results he/she is not interested in seeing.


The filter can be applied per rule check, cell, and check status such as, Fixed, Not Fixed, Waived, Not Waived, etc. In addition results can also be filtered by property name.  Making the desired selections in the menu and selecting the Apply button will cause the results to be dynamically updated in RVE with the selected filtering. Please refer to the figure shown below.

Wildcards are allowed in fields for check, cell, and property.

Example: *metal*





Right now in the Property field we can only filter by the property name and not the property value.For example,we cannot filter by something like (prop_met1 > 2). The filtering by property value will be added in Calibre 2009.4 release.

Clicking on the funnel icon again, once the filter is applied, will cause the filtering fields to disappear and the filtering continues to be applied as indicated by the RED TEXT beside the funnel icon.