Expedition PCB OftenRun out of Memory, A 2.0 Auto or 6.0 Auto?

Discussion created by yu.yanfeng on Aug 18, 2009
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All Expediton pcb User,


Expeditionpcb PCB have serius issues about momery footprint. Whatever which version you used, I guess It can't support  a full flow of front-to-end big design smoothly.(I have posted two posts about out of memory ).

Jerry told us user can use ./3GB to support big design,but it may make the problem more worse sometime. I found DXF ouput  make Expeditonpcb crashed when /3GB switch use in a design. If you check the memory, you see the memory of Expeditoinpcb increase to 3GB and that make it crashed. However, the DXF ouput  is ok without using 3GB, but you can't generated the silkscreen etc.


Sometimes I think Expeditonpcb just like a 2.0 Auto although having long size. To be Expeditionpcb Enterprise, It should be changed with a 6.0 strong engine.