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Cell instantiation using calibre DRC

Question asked by Govind_kulkarni on Aug 20, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2009 by musicman

Hi All,

I am writing a calibre drc ruledeck, which will do the dummyfill (Metal , Diffusion and poly layers...etc).I have used the " RECTANGLES " command to generate rectangles in empty regions (ie with some logic and NOT of actual layers) . But the number of geometries in layout are increased(bcoz it has generated the rectangles in flat mode) ,bcoz of that the LVS ,DRC run times also increased.So I am searching a drc command which can instantiate the specified cell in empty areas, which will reduce the geometries and hierarchical run time. I have seen the similar command in other drc tools.
Please help me to find the similar command in calibre.