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XOR layouts and use Overlay to see the results with both layouts in view

Question asked by yijun_tong on Aug 20, 2009

XOR is a very frequently used function for a layout designer.  You may want to see  the difference between two different versions of a layout, or a cell.  In DESIGNrev, you can call XOR directly from menu "Tools" -> "Layout Diff..." if the compare job is not too big.  It compares a cell in the reference file to a cell in your current opened layout.  And you can just compare selected layers.  You can get the result in GDS or RVE formats.



To view the result, simply call Overlay from the "File -> Open layout" menu.  Use "Ctrl + click" to select these two source files, and click the down arrow in "Open| v " button and select "Open Overlay".  Now you can use RVE to show XOR results in the layout with two source layouts both in the same view.



This flow is available in 2009.3 release.  Please try it and provide your comments below.



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