How to perform queries on the layout and source using new LVS RVE?

Discussion created by srinivas_velivala on Aug 20, 2009

The Finder menu in the LVS RVE can be used to perform queries on the schematics and the layout for nets,devices,instances and ports.Sometimes users would want to search and highlight a net in a particular area of the layout or search for a device or instance in a particular cell only.The finder tab helps the user to get to the location and highlight their preferred nets, instances or devices quickly thereby simplifying the LVS debug process and hence reducing the LVS debug time.

   Queries can be performed using

1) The "Finder" icon present in the navigator pane in new RVE; or

2) From the menu View->Finder.

The Finder Tab consolidates the search for design elements in the source or layout side of the design, and includes options for narrowing the search to specific design elements, layers, or net types.

There is a   “Find in Cell” field where we can specify the cell in which to find the design elements. This field keeps a history of the cells present in the design as a drop down list. Please refer to the figure shown below.










The user has the following options to find design elements

  1. By Name/Location: Find in the layout or source, with optional search filters
  2. Find Instances of Layout cell: Find instances of cells in the layout
  3. Find instances with unconnected Layout nets: Find instances of a given cell in which the selected reference and target nets are unconnected.
  4. Find Devices in layout Path: Finds devices in the layout in a path between two or more nets:The path consists of source/drain pins of MOSFET devices and the positive and negative pins of resistors. Nets may be excluded from the search



This "Finder" icon is only available for LVS, PERC and PEX RVE.