Up-to-Date V8.2.1 Valor Enterprise3000 Also can't rasterize Gerber Data with SIPs Outputed From Expeditionpcb

Discussion created by yu.yanfeng on Aug 21, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2009 by yu.yanfeng

It's very sadness that Expeditionpcb alway output gerber data with SIPs(Self-Intersecting Polygons) and Mentor refuse to improve thier program(See my prerious posts). Maybe Mentor expect Valor will help to get rid of this problem. The fact is that Up-to-Date V8.2.1 still can't rasterize the ill data correctly.


Attached is the sample data with SIPs and Valor shoudl fill 2 antipads (See below Picture)wrongly and report GND shoring with VCC because the original data is ill.  Is Valor's Bug or Mentor's Bug. I think both make thing worse.It's a nightware you receive calls from your pcb fabs they complains your data is ill and they can't determine if it is right.