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    Export to... CHS 3D Harness format (what is it?)


      Hi All


      When "exporting to..." within VeSys 2.0 I have the option to export as CHS 3D format (wiring/harness dependent on tool). Is this a generic type of xml?


      Many thanks


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          Hello Russell,


          CHS 3D Harness Format is a harness and wire exchange format used by VeSys 2.0 and CHS Capital HarnessXC, it is a much richer format than DSI (both are included as part of VeSys 2.0).  You can use this XML to exchange harness designs between different installations of VeSys 2.0 or into Capital HarnessXC, or as a method to back annotate wire lengths into VeSys 2.0 Design.


          I hope this helps,