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    Variables (Vesys 2008.2)


      The hard drive on my pc had to be re-imaged recently and IT had a hard time getting my vesys floating license installed.  I'm up and running except for one thing.  In harness, after placing the node and pin table for a connector, the graphic for the connector doesn't appear.  I have to use a CAD insert command to find the graphic.


      Is there a system variable I need to enter in order for vesys to look for the connector graphic, or is this something I should change within my configuration editor?

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          For the graphics to be selected you will need to tell VeSys where they are located to do this you add the location of the Blocks to the AutoCAD Support File Search Path.  To do this go to the Drawing menu and select AutoCAD Options, then select the Files tab and under the Support File Search Path and add the location of where your blocks are stored.

          The installation guide for VeSys has detailed instructions on this (including pictures).