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SRAM XRC extraction

Question asked by c_camezc on Aug 27, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by skumar61
I am running xrc on a custom sram (640words X 360 bits) in umc130.  The LVS(xrc) 
directory currently has about 46GB of cache**.dat files and the job is not finished yet.  I am guessing that these files go away after the final parasitc netlist is built up.
What are typical settings for extracting srams as far as min cap or min res.  I am running in hierarchical mode and mentor version is

//  Calibre v2008.4_37.26    Wed Jan 7 15:21:19 PST 2009

//  Litho Libraries v2008.4_37.26  Wed Jan  7 15:19:22 PST 2009


Any help is appreciated