There are many quick ways you can switch viewing depth in DESIGNrev/WORKbench

Discussion created by yijun_tong on Aug 27, 2009

Switching between viewing depths is a most frequently used feature layout engineers and reviewers perform in DESIGNrev and WORKbench.  There's no need to access this function from the view menu.  The viewer software provides many ways you can quickly switch different hierarchy depth to view.


If you know the end depth you want to go and it's a single digit, you can use number "0" ~ "9" on your keyboard to directly go to that level.


If you want to view all hierarchy depth 0 ~ 9999, you can use "Shift" + "f" or simply hit "9" twice very quick


If you want to view only the top level hierarchy, try "Ctrl" + "f"


If you want to increase end hierarchy depth, use ">"; to decrease end hierarchy depth, use "<"


If you want to increase start hierarchy depth, use "Ctrl" + ">" ; to decrease start hierarchy depth, use  "Ctrl" + "<"


If you know your start and end depth and want to enter them, you can click the toolbar and fill the dialog:




And always remember, the Back and Forward buttons in the toolbar can remember the preceeding and succeeding views you configured and quickly get you there.