Where can I type in comments when waiving results?

Discussion created by srinivas_velivala on Aug 28, 2009

When waiving certain errors in the design,the designers would like to add some comments on why the errors are being waived.The comments might consist information about the reason for the waiver,the person who waived the error,the date of the waiver ,the cell in which the waiver is present,the priority of the waiver error etc. These comments are very useful for the user when the database containing these waivers is shipped around and some one else not from the original design team intends to review these waivers.In that case the reviewer can look at the comments associated with the waiver and determine their relevance and importance.


RVE provides a mechanism for the user to add in these waived comments when waiving the errors.To enable this option in Calibre 2009.2 in the DRC RVE turn on Setup ->options->View->DRC->Show comment dialog while waiving results. From Calibre 2009.3 onwards the option can be turned on from Setup ->options->DRC Browser->Show comment dialog while waiving results. This opens a dialog box for the user to type in his comments.Please refer to Fig below. In the later versions of Calibre, the waived comments will be displayed as a separate column in the details viewing mode of the DRC RVE and users will be able to sort by those comments. A filtering capability to filter errors by the waiver comments will also be available in the later versions of Calibre.