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      When setting up components in the VeSys Components program is it possible to assign a combination of both upper case alpha and lower case alpha cavities in the "Cavity Name List" field?

      The program seems to only allow either upper or lower, but not both.

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          If you select the tick box "Allow Lower Case Names" you will be able to add both lower and upper case characters.  You will need to seperate them by a comma and list them individually so it will look something like this:



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            When I was using a similar connector, the system had problem with the letter x.  Lower case works, but the upper case X could not be found when importing wires and therefore would not carry over any wire details to those wires in that cavity. Based on your needs, you may be able to work around this by using a differnt cavity name (ex:  "X_") 


            Below is the recent response I received from Mentor Graphics support on this issue:


            Hi Justin,
            I have an update for you from the Product Manager of VeSys.
            Source of the problem:  Cavity names are of mixed case (ie: "X" vs "x") and unfortunately VeSys Classic Design does not recognize the difference and hence the problem with back annotation of wire lengths to those cavities will confuse the software.
            Additionally:  AutoCad does not natively support mixed cases.
            Going forward:  To fix this issue within VeSys Classic would be a sizable engineering effort (ie: man months) considering that we do not own nor did we develop AutoCad. This is supported in the new VeSys 2.0, which is based on the CHS platform. 
            Recommendation:  Either (1) change the cavity names so they are not case sensitive or (2) upgrade at your convenience to VeSys 2.0
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              Hi Justin,


              I have just tried the problems you describe with Upper and Lower Case letters and VeSys supports mixed cases for ALL letters except X, the most likely reason that you have had the problem is because splices use X as the pin name so I would imagine that VeSys reads this pin  name and thinks it is a splice and so ignores it on import into VeSys Harness.

              I am not sure what was meant by 'AutoCad does not natively support mixed cases' unless the font being tested was one that did not have upper or lower case characters.


              There is a workaround for this problem and that is to export a hxf file from VeSys Harness, this is an older format but VeSys Design doesn't seem to have a problem reading in an X as the Pin Name.  To do this you will need to type vh_hxfout this exports the hxf file to the location where  your harness drawing is stored, then you do the normal import method except for locating the hxf file rather than the DSI.

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                Thank you for the help!  I will forward this on to the appropriate designers so they can resolve this issue.