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RC Extraction : Top level interconnect only

Question asked by aarathy.acharya on Sep 3, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2009 by karen_chow



I am trying to do top level interconnect extraction using Calibre RCX. This is a mixed signal design (most sub-blocks using analog flow + one digital block which went through the automated routing flow). At the top level, I want the extracted calibre view to consist of the sub-block symbols + parasitics between the sub-blocks.


With all my tries, I get the interconnect parasitics, but no instances of the sub-blocks are found.  I have the hcells files with the list of blocks I do not want extracted. I also do not want the schematics of the sub blocks flattened to this level (one of the various settings I used in the "BLOCKS" tab gave me that result)


Is it possible to generate what I need?