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    Switch from EE2007.5 to EE2007.6 or wait for EE2007.7

    Wim Creyghton



      We are now on EE2007.5 (DC and Expedition) and thinking to switch to EE2007.6.

      Is anyone using EE2007.6 and is it working better and smoother then EE2007.5?

      Are there any major changes in the database?

      Or should we wait for EE2007.7, release date Aug-2009 ;-) according the BSD release information.





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          Hi Wim,


          We are using 2007.2 and will migrate to 2007.7.  I have verified all releases of EE2007.X and see no huge improvment there. The only purpose I consider to migrate to newer release is the severe bugs in the current releases.



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            I would like to help clarify the value of moving to one of the new releases of the EE flow specific to Expedition and XtremePCB.  We have continually worked to enhance the quality of each release as well as deliver a significant number of features that have been requested by customers.  We have see many customers comment on improved productivity as they moved from 2007.2/.3 to 2007.5/.6. 



            Also, we have fixed a significant number of customer specific requests.  Below is a chart showing the number of customer requests that have been resolved by release.






            Finally, here is a summary of Expedition PCB and XtremePCB improvements since 2007.2.  As you can see from this list, a significant number of enhancement have been made to Expedition and XtremePCB over the past year.




            Automated BGA Fanout Generation

            ECAD-MCAD Collaborator

            Improved Padstack Editor

            “Allow cell overhang” property on Cells.


            New Editor Control

            Improved Measurement for Dynamic Planes

            Dynamic DRC Visualization

            Any Angle Multiplow with Curves

            Pin/Gate Swapping with fanouts

            Review Hazards display of Actual Clearance

            Layer Specific Contours

            Via Span control by Rule Area

            Breakout Traces support for SMD Pads

            Change Via Properties for multiple selected Vias

            Vector Font Support

            Persistent Trace/Via hangers

            TPR:  Mutual BGA Escapes

            XtremePCB:  12 new commands

            XtremePCB:  Sandboxes




            Advanced Packaging

            Chip Stacking

            Wire Bonds

            Bond Pads


            Improved DiffPair Routing


            Improve Anchor Points

            Improved Plow


            Route from Plane

            Routing from Hangers


            Improved Performance for Negative Planes Generation

            Automated BGA Breakout

            Xtreme:  CMC support for Multiple Circuits

            Display Control Patterns on Constrained nets

            Schematic Driven Footprints

            Review Hazards Accept / Unaccept violations





            Plow Any Angle Locking

            Native Tuning with Arc

            Tuning Miter Ratio Control

            Dynamove DiffPairs at Any Angle

            Parallelism Minimum Segment Length Control

            Forward and Backward Annotation Reports

            Improved Drawing Cells

            Cell Properties

            XtremePCB:  Replace Cell

            XtremePCB:  Padstack Processor




            Automatic Pad Growing

            Cell Technology Placement Rules

            Draw Move Multiple Handles

            Dynamic Planes removing of Scallops option

            Plane Shapes Via Only Obstruct option

            Plane Obstructs (All) layer option

            Conductive Shapes <mouse select> net assignment

            RF Productivity Improvements

            RF Group Deletion

            Enhanced Meander Edits

            Meander Clearances

            Entry Rules

            Selection Filter

            Meander Feedback

            Advanced Packaging Improvements

            Display Control Layer Name display

            Automation support for Via Span creation

            Via Span layer range display

            Enhanced Cavity Placement

            Cell support for Multiple Glue Spots

            Placement Rules support for End to Side Package Clearance

            Move Cell Text Command

            Text Output Optimization

            Enhanced Reuse

            Multiplow form Trace Hangers within Reuse Circuits

            Automatic connection between hangers within Reuse Circuits

            Maintain connections when moving Reuse Circuits

            Automatic Netload of Reuse Circuit pass through traces

            CMC enabling of Net0 during Instantiation

            Improved total Memory Consumption

            Improved load performance



            Details on each of these improvements can be seen within each releases What’s New & Cool as well as the release notes.





            Jerry Suiter

            Expedition/XtremePCB Product Marketing Manager





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              What happened to the release of 2007.7?
              Is it going to make September-Oct? BSD schedules indicated Aug 31st.
              2007.8 was supposed to be Nov.



              Our situation is this: (We are DC/EXP 2007.3)

              We typically review all mentor releases before global rollout and most SR defects have been labeled as fixed in 2007.7.
              We would normally want to wait for the .7 release because of the additional patches &features since the 6 release.


              If this is going to slip even more we need to know because we dont want to release 6, uninstall 200 users+ the server and do it all over again later when 7 is released a few days later.


              The major problem is the updates are not really patch releases but full (reinstallations)


              I would love to know the following:

              1. Was the delay in rollout because of a serious discovery in QA or just a simple issue like CD masters, late code release etc.?
              2. Should I rollout .6 because .7 is completely unknown on the release date and it might slip out to oct/nov?

              I understand delays and QA formalities but we are completely in the dark about the actual release 7 schedule and if we should release 6.

              We are getting pressure and complaints from management @ patches and releases because instead of back patching versions; mentor is stating
              fixed in the next release whenever its released.


              You can contact me directly



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                Hi Chris,


                We understand how critical implementations of new releases can be. That's why we created the  'PCB Planned Releases' page on SupportNet.


                You must have missed our most recent update to the page though. EE2007.7 is scheduled for release later this month, so if you can wait another two weeks or so, you should be all set.


                Achieving a quality release is of paramount importance to all of us. "Fixed in the next release" really is coming soon.