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    Calibre LVS


      Hi all,


      I am trying to run Calibre LVS but each time I get a message error window with the following message "Layout export failed or was cancelled"

      I am ussing the Linux x86 platform and I have tried with different versions of Cadence. IC5141 USR5, USR4, USR3.

      My coworkers have no problem running it.

      Thank you for your help


      Here is a copy of the transcript:

      function cdsTermDec redefined

      \o function cdsTermHex redefined

      \o function cdsTermBin redefined

      \o Loading QS Callbacks from /space/home/design/tsmcqs15/tsmc18qs/../.callBacks.il...

      \o "Loading cdlOut template file for Calibre netlisting"


      \o "/space/home/design/tsmcqs15/Calibre/LVS/SKILL/cdl_netlist_template.il"


      \o "Finished loading cdlOut template file for Calibre netlisting"



      \o *** There were 0 error and 3 warning messages ***


      \o Statistic and more information, please check /home/users/sm/TSMC15/PIPO.LOG.RXfilter_stage1_fli file.


      \o NORMAL EXIT ...




      \o *** Calibre Interactive: Exporting netlist for cell RXfilter_stage1_fli ***

      \o *Error* loadContext: could not open file - "/tools/cds5141usr5/tools.lnx86/dfII/

      \o etc/context/64bit/auCore.cxt"


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          Hi Said,


          I think some other people have seen this but I'm not aware of a final conclusion or complete answer. Some have suggested it appears to be a problem with the Cadence installation that happens on multiple versions.


          Are you using 64bit mode? You may be successful with 32bit mode in this case.


          One thing I think is interesting... the error message refers to "auCore.cxt" but I wonder if there is a typo somewhere... was it supposed to be "auCore.txt" instead? Does a file with a similar name exist at that path?




          or ?



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            Hi Chris,



            The first time I ran into this problem, I was a bit puzzled. I was not using the 64bit mode and yet it was looking into the 64bit folder for the auCore.ctx.

            I looked around and found the auCore.cxt at the following location: "/tools/cds5141usr5/tools.lnx86/dfII/etc/context/"

            but not  in the 64 bit folder:"/tools/cds5141usr5/tools.lnx86/dfII/etc/context/64bit/" where it is looking for.

            I am tempted to just copied it and see what happens.

            Thank you for your time.

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              The solution below is compliments of Arthur from New Jersey Institute of Technology. Thanks Arthur!


              >> Hi Chris,


              >> I have talked with Cadence admin and he changed to 32 bit mode by

              >> Adding "unsetenv CDS_AUTO_64BIT" in .cshrc.


              >> Now calibre LVS works and I could see the spice netlist exported from

              >> virtuoso schematic viewer.


              >> Best regards


              >> Arthur