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    Problem when synchronizing


      In my wiring design I add Harness Attributes to wires by selecting them through holding the left mouse button pressed, right clicking the selected items, and then `Edit Harness Attribute'.


      Problem: sometimes some wires do not get synchronized in the harness. When I check the harness attribute of the specific wire, it is there.


      What can be the problem?

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          There can be a number of reasons why a wire has failed to come across to the harness design. There should be a log in the output window on your harness design that gives you a summary of what happened during the synchronization process. The first thing to do would be to check that area for information on your wires.


          Also, as general guidance:

          • Make sure that wires and their corresponding connectors are connected (that you don't have some wires dangling)
          • Make sure that both Connectors and wires in between are tagged with the right harness name