How do you specify the contourlayerlist in the RunGerber.vbs scripts?

Discussion created by wes_cessnun on Sep 14, 2009
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I have contours on in the script (RunGerber.vbs from AATK scripts) but need to add the checkmark of Through board into the script as my contours (used for Routes) are not showing up in my Gerber files on a fab Drawing.


I have search through the exp_engines_auto.pdf and haven't found a way to do this. anyone have suggestions on automating this with .vbs script.


I am outputing my gerbers from Fablinks.



Set oBoardItems = sheet.BoardItems

oBoardItems.Add eengBoardItemContour


This is out of the PlotSetup .gpf file. The first line of the file I already have specified with the code above. I am Trying to find out how to do the next to lines with the .vbs file I have listed.


..BoardItem Contours
..ContourLayerList ""
   ...ContourLayerName "Through Board"