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    Vesys License


      First time poster, so please excuse if this has been asked before. When opening AutoCad Mechanical 2007 it is grabbing a license for Vesys and with only having 2 licenses in our company you can see the obvious problem. How can I release the license when not needed?



      Jay D. Koogler


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          Hi Jay,


          As you are a first time poster I'll go easy on you


          When you run VeSys you get the option of which product you want to work with (the dialog is called 'VeSys AutoCAD setup'), I would suggest you use this to disable VeSys Design & Harness so that it will not start when you run AutoCAD Mechanical.  If you have ticked the "Don't show this dialog box when launching from the VeSys icon" you will not be presented with the option to disable VeSys, you can get back to the dialog by doing the following:


          • Click the Start button
          • Click All Programs
          • Navigate to VeSys Electrical Series folder
          • Click "Setup VeSys with AutoCAD"