What is Find toolbar in RVE used for?

Discussion created by srinivas_velivala on Sep 18, 2009

The Find Toolbar, which is displayed in DRC RVE, can be used for searching text in the tree view display and the check text window of the RVE

Enter a text string and select the right arrow for forward search, or left arrow for backward search.
See the following example(attached) where the text "well"  was found in a rulecheck comment and highlighted in green in the Check Text window and also the text was found in some of the rule check names displayed in the tree view.Hitting the forward search arrow will cycle through the different rule check names where the text is found.





As we can see from the figure attached the text display in the Find toolbar turns to green if RVE can find the text in the database or else the test display turns to red indicating to the user that the particular text he is trying to search for does not exist in the database.