What are the different options available for viewing Histogram plots and color maps in RVE?

Discussion created by srinivas_velivala on Sep 30, 2009

The DFM report card is integrated with Calibre RVE for DFM and it generates visual representations of the errors in the form of color maps and histograms.Using histogram plots, users can visually look at the distribution of their errors and then determine how they will impact the final yield of the design. In addition the colormaps provide a visual representation of the errors in the actual design layout.There are a number of options which can be set for the histogram and color maps from the Setup-> Options->Histograms page. Some of the features available for the histograms and color maps in RVE are introduced below.


For the histogram plots, the x-axis is the range of the property value for which the histogram is plotted and the y-axis is the result count. The user can specify the range for which he would like to see his plots by typing in a range of his choice or he could simply use the min and max values of the property for which he is plotting the histogram. There is an option to change the y-axis(Result count) to a logarithmic scale.Furthermore the user can easily highlight the errors present in a particular histogram bar in the actual layout just by double clicking on the corresponding histogram bar.Please look at attached figure.


The user can also customize the color in which he would like to see the histogram plots and the color maps in the actual layout. There are a number of color schemes available for the color maps, from which the user can select one or he can customize his color scheme by typing in the colors of his choice. Some of the color schemes available to the user are heatmap1 ,Grayscale,Redscale etc. The user can also save and print the histogram plots if he wishes to do so.


The DRC ASCII database might also sometimes contains properties attached to geometric results.Typically such properties are created by Density and DFM operations. If such properties exist in DRC results database then histograms and color maps on those properties can be performed in DRC RVE.