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    Use file-based command (2) -  layout peek


      Have you ever wanted to extract some information from a large layout and found the only way to do it is loading the file into the layout viewer?  This is extremely painful because:


      1. It takes hours to load a Gigabyte file.
      2. your machine may not even have the necessary memory to do that.


      With Calibre DESIGNrev, we have a command that allows you to get the following information by reading only the necessary bits in your layout file:


      1. File type
      2. Uints and precisions
      3. Topcell
      4. Cell names and how many times each cell is reference
      5. Cell bounding box
      6. Cell hierarchy
      7. Layers

      For a big gigabyte-sized layout, it only takes seconds to minutes to get the information such as layers and cell names and consumes around 100KB memory.  And it works for both OASIS and GDSII as well as gzipped layout files.


      Here is an example:


          layout peek layout.gds.gz -units


      For more information, please log on to SupportNet and looking for Calibre DESIGNrev Reference Manual.