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    PADS Components Solder/Paster Mask pads "locked" to top layer




      From the PADS logic schematic, the design was "ECO to PCB" while PADS Layout PCB was having "On-line DRC" activated.


      The components placed at the top layer was okay while the components placed at the bottom layer were having some issues.


      The mask pads were locked to top layer and cannot be changed to bottom layer when components were placed at the bottom layer.


      Observation : if the "On-line DRC" was not activated, this problem will not exist. When a component was changed from top to bottom layer of the PCB, the associated component pads parameter were changed accordingly.


      Please advise how this can be corrected if the layout designed was already done and we need to change all the components mask pads to the correct layer.


      Kind Regards

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          This is a confusing question,  What version of Layout it this ?


          PADS Logic should have no influence on the mask/paste layers, nor even should DRC ?

          Certainly no sticky effect - DRC might prevent mirror of the whole part, but should not

          affect mask level details.


          The control of layer info should be solely via PADSTACK info, and there is a heirachy

          on paste/Mask, but Top.Pad/Top.mask/Top.paste  and Bot.pad,/Bot.mask/Bot.paste

          should move/flip as 'sets' as the names suggest.


          In newer PADS it has been made smarter so that adding a mask define, _replaces_ the

          default copper to mask mapping, and some cleanups were done as well.


          That allows any size/shape mask (re)define change, on a single pad, with expected results.

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            PADS 2007.2 version


            All the while I thought that these components parameters are "locked" as set when we placed them on either Top or Bottom layer, however after encountering this, just realised otherwise.

            You may see this through using a single component in schematic and eco it to layout with DRC on and off


            You mean Mentor PADS 9.0 has resolved this ?

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              Resolved what ?


              The CAM heirachy I described was improved about 18 months ago, but it is not

              going to change what you describe.


              It affects Padstack decision trees, that is all. It improves the handling of special-cases

              where you need (possibly late) user modify/fine tune of one or two paste geometries.


              In 2007.3 I cannot see any unexpected effects, when Logic OLE to PCB with DRC on or off.

              Parts appear, I can move/flip sides at will, and the paste masks do what the display says.

              I can see no interaction between OLE and Mask, nor did I expect to see any.


              You may be confusing different areas - a Std ECO import into a blank sheet, will place all parts on TOP,

              but ECO into an existing sheet, will leave existing parts on BOTTOM if they are valid.

              Logic and ECO have no layer control.


              You may need to post an example, and a better description ?