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    Implementation Question


      We have recently purchased Vesys 2. and I would like to use the quickstart libraries to get us up and going.  The problem is that the color codes do not match our company's color codes and when I try to change them, it tells me they are used and therefor unchangeable.  So the only options I see are either start with a blank database and build up from there or change our company's codes to match Vesys.  Does anybody know an acceptable third option?

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          If the library component is already being used then I would suggest that your best option is to copy and rename the component you wish to use, you should then be able to edit the attribute properties to your companies standards.




          Phil D

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            When you try to delete the codes, system gives you a list of components where code has been consumed. You need to edit these components, and use a code of your company standard and then later on delete the starter data codes.


            If the code has been consumed directly in the VeSys Wiring Design, then you have to use "Find and Replace" functionality to replace the codes with your sandard codes.


            Note : Codes usage within components library can also be find out in component maintainance dialog. Enter Code name > Press Search button.