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    Need help getting my project started!




      I just had VeSys 2.0 installed today and wanted to get started with setting up the sub-systems to begin my schematics. I figured I could "Create a new wiring diagram" for each subsystem, and then add multiple pages where needed.  After trying it I noticed that you cannot link wires between the wiring designs??  It only works between diagrams. This doesn't make sense to me, I'm still in the same project. Is there anyway to get around this?  Can somebody please share their ideas on how they split up their subsystems?


      Also, for future reference, can you execute any of the following:  Delete, remove or rename a design once it has been created?  I'm thinking that down the road I may be able to consolidate some of the schematics and may want to remove some extra pages. I don't see an option to do this. 


      Thank you,


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          I figured out a way to get around this.  I will just add a new sheet for each subsystem and seperate the sheet's descriptions with a colon. For ex:


          Ground: Main

          Ground: Common

          Lights: Spotlight

          Lights: Stop/Turn

          Lights: Flood


          Would still like to see some feedback on how others are setting up. 



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            Hi Justin,


            Have you taken a look at our Quickstart data, it is well worth investigating as it shows you how we would recommend configuring your project.


            In answer to your specific questions, you can rename a design by right clicking > edit > Change the name in the allocated field, you can also delete designs or diagrams by right clicking on the target > delete


            Hope this helps


            Phil D

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              Hello Phil,


              I don't think I have seen the Quick start data.  I would like to check it out though, where can I locate this?


              In regards to your answers, thank you for the help. I realized that I was right clicking on the desing name that has the folder as it's icon, and therefore did not have the option to edit or delete. But if you right click on the next level down, the options are there.




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                Hi Justin,


                You should get the quickstart data when you to the install, if this is not the case you can import it as follows.


                File > Import Project > Quick Start - VeSys.xml ( You will find this file in your VeSys 2.0 installation directory ....\VeSys 2.0\data\xml\Project)


                File > Open Project > Quick Start - VeSys should appear in the list.




                Phil D


                PS - Also worth looking at is the testrive AVI and worksheet which is available through Help > Display Welcome Screen > Show