How do I set color synchronization between RVE and supported layout editors to have different highlight layers for each of the original GDSII layers present in the design

Discussion created by srinivas_velivala on Oct 15, 2009

When the designers debug their LVS discrepancies using LVS RVE there is now color synchronization between the highlights in RVE schematics and certain supported external layout editors, thereby making the LVS debugging process a lot easier and faster for the user.


The user can now easily identify and trace through a particular net in the RVE schematics as well in the external layout editor based upon the highlight color of the net. This feature is of tremendous value to the user especially when he has multiple nets highlighted in his layout editor and RVE schematics. If there was no color synchronization present then, let's say that the highlight color for net 9 in the RVE schematics is blue in color and for net 10 it is red in color.Now if the highlighted color for net 9 is red in the layout editor and the highlighted color for net 10 is blue in color,then the user would get confused when trying to debug the discrepancy using RVE schematics and external layout editor because of the color mismatch.The layout editors and viewers currently supported for color synchronization are Calibre DesignRev and Cadence Virtuoso.


The user can also configure the highlight colors for each layer in their design.For example they can configure their metal1 highlights to red,metal2 to blue and so on. The table to set the highlight colors for each layer is accessed using  Highlight->Setup Highlights in LVS RVE. This command opens up a highlight table (see attached figure) using which users can set their highlight colors. There is a color column present in the table clicking on which brings up a color palette from which the user can select a highlight color of his choice for each layer present in the design.


The color syncronization mechanism provides a lot of flexibility to the user and makes the job of LVS debugging easier and faster.