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RSCM for Keyin flow?

Question asked by yu.yanfeng on Oct 19, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2009 by yu.yanfeng

I seen most of issues I logged in the supportnet be dressed in this release. Thanks!


Also There are some bugs in .7 and I will log it in the supportnet late. The first one is related to RSCM of Keyin flow. We invoked Xtremepcb Server session on the sever and RSCM Service was started, but Xtremepcb client reported "iCDB server was started in single mode...during loading the design data. I checked the server.cfg, where  SingleUserMode = auto. When you use System Manger to check, it will report "error reading project file". Maybe the key of iCDBdir and the key for snapshot should  be added into the .prj file.


Attached is the keyin flow data.