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    RSCM for Keyin flow?


      I seen most of issues I logged in the supportnet be dressed in this release. Thanks!


      Also There are some bugs in .7 and I will log it in the supportnet late. The first one is related to RSCM of Keyin flow. We invoked Xtremepcb Server session on the sever and RSCM Service was started, but Xtremepcb client reported "iCDB server was started in single mode...during loading the design data. I checked the server.cfg, where  SingleUserMode = auto. When you use System Manger to check, it will report "error reading project file". Maybe the key of iCDBdir and the key for snapshot should  be added into the .prj file.


      Attached is the keyin flow data.

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          I have logged this symptom in the supportnet and get fastest reponse from Japaese CSE. I apprieate Mentor's response and Mentor's support is indeed 5-Stars. Of course, Just like previous experiences, Most of CSE really don't understand what is the issue even Mentor's tool. I have explained again and again to let CSEs get know the problem. Unfortunately, CSEs still in fuzzy.

          Here is the last mail send to the CSE:



          There are something need to clarify again. First, System Manager does't support to check a keyin flow project. You all may think no needs to let RSCM to support the keyin flow, but it's not true because CES applicaiton still need to have access to iCDB. On a typical Xtreme session, There are 6-8 concurrent users invoke CES applicaiton and all CES instances have to acess the iCDB databas simultaniously. Without a dedcicated RSCM, What happens to the performance?

          Maybe the issue is bejond of the scope of CSEs/AEs, We will try to contact Mentor R/D engineering.



          Mentor CSEs's answers here:1)RSCM doesn't support keyin flow?
          I've checked my colleague that keyin netlist fow( and Foreign iCDB flow) doesn't need to set RSCM because this is for the projects having schematic.
          so there is no benefit of using RSCM server because you don't open the schematic design.

          However, There were Defect in 2007.6 showing the error : need to set RSCM even though you are using keyin netlist fow and Foreign iCDB flow.
          so we needed to set the Key DedicatedServerName "Servername" in the project file.

          But It has been fixed in EE2007.7.

          2)GUI(System Manager) does't support to check a keyin flow project without some mofificaiton to the .prj file?
          In iCDB flow, we can set RSCM server name into the project by the Settings dialog box of DxDesigner. but, in Foreign iCDB flow,
          you can't display the Settings dialog box. Therefore, we have to edit a *.prj with text editor directly.
          (Am I answering correct in this questions?)

          3)If RSCM not started on the server, How about the performance of Xtremepcb session, especially there are 5-16 Sessions active?
          Since we don't need to use the RSCM for the keyin netlist flow, the performance of Xtremepcb shoudn't affect on this case.