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    Trouble setting grids


      I'd like to create a side pallette that has a bunch of buttons to quickly set placement, routing, and via grids.  I've been working on the following code:


      Option Explicit


      Dim app
      Dim doc
      Dim edcontrol
      Dim gridval


      Scripting.AddTypeLibrary ("MGCPCB.Application")


      Call Main


      Sub Main()


          Set app = GetObject(, "MGCPCB.Application")
          Set doc = GetLicensedDoc(app)
          Set edcontrol = doc.EditorControl
          gridval = .1
          edcontrol.Grid(6, 2) = gridval

          MsgBox "The via grid is now " & gridval
      End Sub


      This results in an unrecoverable error which shuts down Expedition:




      Any ideas why it's not working would be much appreciated.