What are the different filters available while highlighting results in LVS RVE

Discussion created by srinivas_velivala on Oct 23, 2009

Debugging of LVS results can sometimes be very tedious and time consuming especially if the design is large in size. Let's say that the user is debugging a cross connect error and he knows that the cross connection is present on the layer metal1.Now if he highlights that particular net in the layout, he ends up highlighting all the layers constituting the net although he just wanted to see the metal1 layer polygons on the net highlighted.This scenario is similar to the one where the user is debugging an error related only to a nmos device and he wants only the nmos devices highlighted in the layout.Hence a layer filter and a device filter are desired when highlighting the results in the layout viewer using LVS RVE.


Also consider an other scenario where the user is trying to debug a power-ground short and he knows that the short is present in a particular area of the chip. Now if he decides to highlight the power or the ground net, he ends up lighting up the whole design, which takes a long time and also does little to help the user in debugging the short. A highlight filter which can be very useful in such a scenario is the ability to highlight the net or a device in a particular area only. There might also be a case where the user knows that a problem is present in a certain area of his design,which he intends to fix later.In that case he would like to have an exclude area filter where he wants his selected net or device to be highlighted everywhere else in his design apart from the area specified in the exclude filter.


RVE now solves this problem and helps the user to have a much faster and easier debug experience by having all the highlight filters available in a single place. The highlight filters can be accessed from highlight-> Setup Highlights menu. This menu has the options to select and apply your layer,device and window filters(See attached Figure).Having all the filters in a single place makes them easily accessible to the user.


By setting up these filters according to their choice,users can now have a faster and easier LVS debug experience.