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    Automation the Kendall way


      I write a lot of scripts, If I think I will have to do something twice, I write a script to do it and share it with the community via AATK.  I owe my success to VB6.0, it is the same thing that all of you have for free in Word and Excel.  It has a command completion when typing, a debugger where you can step though each line of code and see every variable you set at any time.  I save the VB file and comment out all the stuff that is not allowed in an efm form or VB Script.


      To get started read this.  The complete lab material is in the $AATK/help/LABS-Powerpoints directory.


      Give it a try and see if it makes you any more productive.

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          do you have an idea when the AATK new version will be available?




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            I am very behind in testing.   Expedition seems stable with no real problems going up through 2007.5. Mainly the CES stuff and strip out customer propriatary data. IT WILL BE OUT SOON!


            New AATK Features will include:

            1.       IC die to Cell/PDB creation

            2.       Find Diff Pair Pins and mark them on a user layer

            3.       Delete duplicate vias

            4.       DRC Angles/Neck Length/Short Traces and Via Return Checking

            5.       Create a New Design from a template (Simplified Design Wizard)

            6.       General whacky functionality

            a.       Crossprobe between Any Excel Sheet and Expedition

                                                                           i.      Crossprobe Nets (with color option to color the cell in Excel and the net at the same time)

                                                                         ii.      Crossprobe Pins

                                                                        iii.     Crossprobe Vendor DRC report (X,Y’s)

            b.      Add User Layer test to selected Pins

            c.       Change Width/Layer/Grids on a GUI "EZ-View"

            d.      Layout Driven Netlist

                                                                           i.      Create/delete Nets on the fly and write a new netlist (For a Netlist Flow Only!)

            e.      Offset via insertion

            f.        Create serpantine/inductor patterns

            g.       Report pins of selected net

            7.       Full Drawing Creation and Display schemes in Expedition based on # of layers in design

            8.    Intro into Central Library Automation with Component Checking


            Probably more but that is mainly what I have been working on.


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              Thanks for the update Kendall!  I have always found the AATK very useful and I appriciate the information you provide to this community