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    Best Practise for VeSys 2.0 Layout of schematics


      After migrating I now have 40 of the VeSys Classic sheets in one design is this OK or is it best to move them to seperate designs?


      What kind of issues will there be if I leave them on one design as I'm feeling a bit lazy and don't want to move them if I can help it!

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          I think you should create new diagrams... then creation of PDF files and printing is made a lot easier than leaving all sheets on one diagram.




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            I have a question about the Design product...is there a way to create a full vehicle system view as well as sub-system views with only using a single instance for ease of creation and maintenance?  We will be beginning a minor migration project for more of a test user environment in the coming weeks, so I am unable to try this now, but thought I would ask the question.


            Also, a question that is not specific to VeSys 2.0, but to the topic of best practices for schematic layout.  Our organization struggles with 'Whole System' vs. 'Sub-System' preferences that are different amont many people in engineering and our service organization.  Is anyone aware of an industry norm, best practice, or standard?  In the past we used full system view on a single page, but they have just gotten to be too small to see on a typical 8x11 sheet that our techs are able to print (we would prefer they use their laptops...but not always possible).  We now have developed Sub-system schematics that range from 15-20 pages and the techs get frustrated they have to trace wires (although at first the struggle was that it was a 'change'... and feedback has gotten much better).  If anyone is aware of any standards for service schematics of electrical wiring, I'd appreciate learning about it.



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              Hi Marnie,


              VeSys 2.0 will let you paginate your systems onto multiple diagrams, you can follow wires interactivly between those diagrams (unlike Classic, even the PDF file created in VeSys 2.0 has hotspots for following wires/connectors).


              Of course your question about the VeSys 2.0 Design, should it contain the diagrams for the entire vehicle or for sub-systems, well that is an interesting questions since many customers do different things.  But if you want to use the Analysis then the diagrams must be in the same design (Note: Capital Logic does allow you to keep systems in different designs, it uses build lists to manage synchronisation into Harness and running Analysis).


              Kind Regards,