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DxDesigner schematic DRC (single pin nets)

Question asked by Paul_N on Nov 9, 2009
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DxDesigner schematic DRC rules are missing one fundamental check:  single pin nets (net attached only to a single pin).


We are using multi sheet flat designs with a lot of ports and named nets and then we don't have any way of cheching if due to a typo during naming nets/ports the connectivity is not there.


Existing 2007.7 DRC rules as 103 (unloaded net) or 105 (undriven net) among others are not doing the trick (also a lot of connectivity rules rely on having proper input/output definition in symbols).


Do anyone have a script for cheching just single pin nets?


NOTE: I know singlepinnets.vbs but is intended to work under Expedidion and we like to conduct DRC under DxDesigner during schematic creation