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Importing parts from a external Data Base.

Question asked by afs on Nov 19, 2009
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Hello everyone, I'm an IT developer for my company and I was assign to do a integration job.


Here at my company, we have our own software to manage components and part number creation. But it only manages the components features (eg: For a capacitor, we define: capacitance, tolerance, voltage, manufacturer, etc.. and assign a specific PN for it). Our software isn't interested in creating symbols or pin mapping.


All the components we create are stored in a MySQL data base.



All we gotta do now is to get this components and its features into our DX Design Library. After we do that, we will manually create/assign symbols and pin mapping.


My question here is: Is there a way to import this parts we create in the 3rd party software into DX Design?


I've been trying to do so for the past weeks, using DX DataBook aproches.. But got nothing so far. So I start guessing im doing something wrong. Or it can't be done this way.  =/


Any thoughts?


Tkz all.