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    Need help regarding  Pads translator


      Hi Guys,


      I am new in pads and have a task to translate protel library into pads 9.0, i did it some how via the help of pads translator but i have some issues like all the decimals are converted into underscores in names also i dont know how could i be abele to modify these components on pads please help me ASAP. every help is greatly appriciated.





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          Hello Shakir,


          There may have been naming computability problem and translator in place of ignoring it, still translated with underscore in the name. You can from Library Manager select Decal Library in question and export it in ASCII format. Then you fill be able to use text editor and SUBSTITUDE function to get rid off underscores.


          If you still need more help, please contact our Support Team at  http://supportnet.mentor.com/.


          Regards, Yan