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    Netlist flow for Expedition


      Is anybody using a netlist to drive Expedition?  If so and you want to test some of my scripts for Layout driven Netlist, let me know.  I need some feedback on usage and what people want to do when editing the netlist on the fly in Expedition layout.



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          Hi, i am interested to receive these scripts because generally our works are coming from netlist files, so if You can send me your vbscripts i can test them.

          sure i will inform You about them.

          my address is:



          Have a good day


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            Hi, Kendall,

            i´m very interested to receive Your ideas. Most of my customers send me a netlist. Some must be translated or manually edited.

            Perhaps a problem: I only have an autobasic license.

            my email-adress:



            thanks, Guenni

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              Hi Kendall,

              We use netlist flow for Expeditionpcb, but I don't know what is layout driven netlist. Sometime, We modified the netlist for shorting GNDP and GND.


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                Hope Kendall reads it.



                Hi, Yanfeng,

                You can interpret it this way, too.

                The file: ...<PCB>\logic\netlist.aug, "driven" by the layout, is all you need for a netlist you

                can forward annotate after a change.

                From there you can make a copy with the filename e.g  ...<PCB>\logic\netlist.kyn.

                Little Changes must be made to edit more easy:


                Delete     ;; V4.1.0   on top of the list.

                Delete all Backslashes and you have a netlist.kyn to forward annotate.

                After successful FA this file is overwritten with the above items (driven?).




                +5VCLK      ME1-2 R6*-1 R15*-2 R42*-1 R48*-1 R146-1
                *                 X7-Z32 5V_CLOCK-1

                NETLED1_A1      LED1-A1 R3-2
                NETLED1_A2      LED1-A2 R4-2




                BAT54_SOT23D    D100 D101
                BC846_SOT23    T3 T4 T5



                In the course of a Mentor User meeting I was astonished that even

                some (all?) guys of the Mentor staff didn´t know this way.


                It is difficult to make extensive changes in layout without an attached schematic.

                Main problem is to avoid errors. Simple text editors don´t really help.

                Graphical editing in combination with intelligent text editing seems to be the best way.


                The "Connection Planner" in Smart Utilities is a help that must be used with care.


                My ideas for a perfect script are (if possible):


                a) adding parts similar to Connection Planner, and possibility of changing existing parts

                b) a menue that shows the whole net(s) when selecting it (them) in layout (perhaps dynamic row numbers  or window with at least e.g. 5 rows).

                    The comlete netlist needs too much space on screen and is not easy to survey.

                    Too long nets should be split up to several lines.

                c) edit the lines in menue (pure text like the above netlist)

                d) control for double netnames, autonumber?

                e) check for double connections (during the editing), the corresponding line appears, editable

                f) check for double part names/Ref Des (during the editing), the corresponding line appears, editable

                g) write to file or directly to layout; backannotation then writes to e.g. netlist.aug and -.kyn.


                sorry, it´s not easy, I think.


                Guenter Klick

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                  Hi Guenter,

                  Much thanks!


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                    Are your scripts still available for testing? Our in-house PWB design, is strictly schematic driven (Design Capture), however, we occasionaly are asked by customers (and potential customers) to create Expedition designs, using a netlist output from their schematic.


                    You can mail me here: johnm@formation.com




                    John Maisch Jr

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                      Is there any way of recreating a schematic from this netlist?

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                        My flow has nothing to do with a schematic at all.  It takes a kyn netlist and can add/delete nets on the fly in Expedition.  You can also add cells as spares and it has the option to write a new netlist but there is no checking between the new netlist and the original.


                        Are you looking to add delete nets on the fly in Expedition layout and work stickly with the netlist?

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                          No we have a design that all we have is a netlist and the PCB database which I am assuming was netlist driven. The customer wants a schematic . i was poking around looking to see what I could find on the subject and came across your thread. Any ideas.

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                            we contacted in Jan 2010 and since then there are no news from you.

                            Is there any usable script and how can I get it?


                            Guenter Klick