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Defining border attributes and border.ini file location

Question asked by SHWTIME7 on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Gary_Lameris

We have schematic sheet borders that were translated from the DA LMS world to DxDesigner. The only problem is we are not able to modify the attributes that carried over. Everything is locked out unless you are in the border symbol itself and that is not where we want to update information. Even to create a new one is a bit cryptic to me. Especially since I was a Design Capture guy for so many years.


Once the border is placed you can not select anything. Also, Is there a detailed explanation on how to setup the attributes required in the borders symbol so that we can select and edit them accordingly in DxDesigner?


I am looking for an example borders.ini file that I can use as a template or a better explanantion (than Mentor) on how to build the .ini file so that we can update the border, be it a constant or auto-generated attribute doesn't really matter.

We are looking for some examples or clarification to setting one up and actually get it to work when updating the border in Dx.
Also, I am defining the location for the borders.ini file to be located in the Central Library and I want to add it to the DxDesigner environment so that when a new project is created by the EE it will automatically read the corporate borders.ini file. Now, how can I setup everyone to see that .ini file via their WDIR directory? Is there an environment variable?
Any insight or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
It was so much easier to work with these issues in Design Capture.