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    2.0 Frustration


      Are there any other Classic users out there that are as frustrated with trying to figure out 2.0 as I am?  It just seems to me like we took a step forward just to take 3 steps backward...  I'm still holding out hope since I am still trying to learn, but i was already VERY productive with Classic in the same amount of time as I have spent with 2.0 and I am nowhere near productive with it...

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          I understand what you are saying because not only is the User Interface is quite different but the basic processes of adding/editing components and wires has also changed.  We have done a bit of work with VeSys 2.0 and found many of the new features useful such as:


          • Auto-routing of wires
          • Insertion of multiple inline connector pins
          • Ability to create custom devices that move as one object (technically you could group objects in Classic I suppose but this was a manual process)
          • Customisable simulation models
          • More configurable reports


          From my experience to date it really seems to depend on what functionality you deem important and whether those features outweigh any issues you are having.  I've heard feedback from one new user of VeSys Harness 2.0 that they thought it would be quicker than VeSys Harness Classic but they were doing a lot of tube and sleeve assignments (which VeSys 2.0 is good at).  A different customer thought VeSys 2.0 was slower to modify harnesses than the Classic version, they did not assign a lot of harness coverings but did do a lot of modifications to layouts (which VeSys Classic is good at).


          As a consultancy company we work with whatever tool our customers use so we're not going to have to make this type of decision .  What I would recommend that you continue your evaluation of VeSys 2.0 make a note of the areas you find difficult and get one of the support staff to advise you on the correct way to do the task, it could be that there are more efficient ways of doing things.  At the end of your evaluation you should be able to work out whether the additional features in VeSys 2.0 outweigh any difficulties you have and how well the new version fits into your current process and is right for you.